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Extract data from thousands of insurance policies and integrate it in your systems.

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Automated Extraction:
Flisk's AI technology automates the extraction of data from insurance policies, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing errors.
Accurate Data
Our AI technology ensures the accuracy of extracted data by using advanced algorithms and machine learning models.
Multiple Formats
Flisk's AI technology can extract data from insurance policies in various formats such as PDFs, scanned images, and other digital formats.
Fast Turnaround
With our AI technology, data extraction from insurance policies is performed quickly and efficiently, reducing processing time.
Customizable Extraction
Flisk's AI technology can be customized to extract specific data fields based on your organization's needs, allowing for greater flexibility.
Data Integration
The extracted data can be easily integrated into Flisk's other risk management applications, providing a seamless experience for users.
“ Flisk is the biggest time saver when it comes to insurance renewals. The software works seamlessly. It’s an incredible powerful tool for risk managers. It just works. ”
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Alumine Bellone
VP Risk Management at Ardent Health

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