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Premium Analysis
Our analytics tool enables you to track insurance premiums over the years, both in total and by line of coverage, allowing you to identify trends and potential cost savings.
Claims Trend Analysis
With our analytics app, you can track claims trends by facility or category, giving you valuable insights into where losses are occurring and where you need to focus your risk management efforts.
Incident Trend Analysis
Our analytics tool also allows you to see trends in incidents by facility or category, helping you identify potential areas of risk and proactively take steps to mitigate them.
Performance Metrics:
Our analytics app provides a range of performance metrics, including loss ratios, frequency rates, and severity rates, enabling you to measure the effectiveness of your risk management strategies.
Our analytics tool offers benchmarking capabilities, allowing you to compare your performance against industry standards and best practices, helping you identify areas for improvement.
Customizable Reports
Our analytics app offers customizable reports, giving you the flexibility to create reports tailored to your specific needs and requirements, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions.
“ Flisk is the biggest time saver when it comes to insurance renewals. The software works seamlessly. It’s an incredible powerful tool for risk managers. It just works. ”
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Alumine Bellone
VP Risk Management at Ardent Health

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